Monday, December 29, 2008

ThrowBack of the Week

 my girl Tamia. she is sooo underated and i cannot for the life of me figure out why. The woman has vocals and is gorgeous. So i had to take it back to when i first started my (no homo) love affair with Tamia. hope you love it just as much as i did and still do. 

oh yeah PS Tamia been on sum Disturbia type-ish waaay before Rihanna (also Kelis and other female artists) but i'll save that for another blog. anyway ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my true love

Dance is a language that knows no bounds, it has no etiquette nor grammar editing. it speaks to the soul without speaking out of turn. It ask questions and gives answers. It breaks hearts and mends wounds. It is sexual and spiritual. It feeds the soul without utensils. It is the air i breathe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ThrowBack of the Week

Okay i know there are people who remember CMC ( a show that played music videos local and national) that used to come on back in the days of The Box. Well it took me a long time but i finally found this lil ditty that i LOVED!. And the video on youtube  is hilarious bcuz of the clothes but hey it was the 90's so w/e.

Go Filipinas!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


people always say that you never realize how precious life is until it's almost gone or is gone.

this thought came to me in light of recent events in my life. grandparents are people who are old but you never really realize HOW old until their health starts to fail. you turn around and all of a sudden you have responsibility for their well-being. 

i always hear about other families having ill elderly family members, and i feel sad but i have never felt as torn up inside as i did last night and as i do right now. it always has to hit home and i think it's b/c i used 2 live with her and see her everyday that i was in a blur about her true state of health. but reality slapped me across the face when i listened to my mother tell me about my 83-year-old grandmother hitting her head and being taken to the hospital. 

tears dont do justice to my emotions racing inside
i wanna curl up in a ball, lay in a corner and hide
facing the reality of she is not an option for me
i ask the one above 4 answers as i fall on both knees
speaking in a voice i dont recognize as my own
begging to keep her from his heavenly throne
i'm not ready i say but the result is not mine to make
so much wisdom from her i still need 2 take
so i pray and cry until i can speak no more
thinking over my life, as my knees grow sore

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Nativity

i'm feeling kinda sad b/c this year is the last year of "The Black Nativity". it's a play/musical written by Langston Hughes and produced& directed by Sis. Betty Gadling of Allen Temple Baptist Church. we've been putting on this production for 27 years and it's hard 4 me to believe that after this year i won't be dancing in it anymore.

We've traveled all across the Bay Area performing this. Our main stage used to be the Paramount Theatre. As a child i would run up and down the ramps and sit in all the balcony and mezzanine seats just releasing all the pint-up energy i had waiting for the show to start. About 6 years ago our church built a building that included a gym/auditorium/theatre :-)  so we moved into that building and i can definitely say it has been a lot more fun, being in those dressing rooms. 

If those dressing rooms could talk, oh man! So many good times laughing at some of the soloists, having deep talks, trying to have the makeup not look lyk hoe strollers, people falling, sometimes fighting but just backstage havoc going on!  so anyway this is the last season and i'm encouraging &inviting as many people as possible to come out. Even if you're not religious, just come out to see the awesome dancing! (myself included) :-)

What: 27th and Final Season of "The Black Nativity"
Where: Allen temple Baptist Church Family Life Center Auditorium
When: Dec.13. 2:30PM  (1PM Pre-Performance Appreciation Reception)
Dec.14. 6PM 
Dec.20. 2:30PM and 8PM
Dec.21. 3PM (Final Performance and Celebration)
How Much: Adults $15
Seniors/Students $8
Children Over Five $5
Final Performance and Celebration $25

Ticket Vendors: Allen Temple Baptist Church 8501 International Blvd. Oakland 510-544-9810
Marcus Book Store 3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Oakland 510-652-2344
Nu Revelations 10700 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland 510-632-1670
Reid's Records 3101 Sacramento St. Berkeley 510-843-7282

For more info and goup rates call 510-544-8924

Monday, October 27, 2008

Danity Kane Fallout

ok i've watched all the videos and episodes since the begining of DK and any1 who has siblings, be they male or female will tell you they definitely do NOT get along all the time! Any1 that has lived with 1 roommmate or multiple roommates will tell you THEY have definitely never gotten along ALL the time. So how can one expect a group of 5 ADULT Women to have love for each other all the damn time. i get sick of my 1 sibling plenty of times to where sometimes i wanna choke her, that doesnt mean at the end of the day imma disown her as my sister or if she lived with me, i wouldn't put her out. 

On the business side of things, i can understand what Dawn was saying about that when people call for DK they want all 5 members but shit life happens. There are times when Michelle couldn't show up for Destiny's Child performances b/c she was in a Broadway play. or New Edition had to go on without Bobby before they had Johnny Gill. And just because other members of a group are tryna pursue other options doesn't mean they aren't fully committed to the group. Cuz nobody would say that mess about Beyonce. She did her own stuff and came right back to DC. i think that the music industry is not what it used to be and is not PAYING what it used to so anyone would be a fool not to have other outlets of income, plus your voice doesn't last forever if you dont sing ballads with a 1-2 punch lyk (old) Whitney, Tina Turner, Mariah, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Alanis Morrisette, Anita Baker, or be a show-stopping performer lyk Janet Jackson who can dance her ass off!

And as for Diddy (so many names i wanna call him but i think other people have already gone there) how could he sit there and lie like that? He always had a problem with Aubrey, for what reason i don't kno. In my mind she was only sticking up for herself because one grown person should not speak to another GROWN person like they are a child. And it was soooo rude of him to say that she dresses and/or acts promisciously. HOW DARE HE!!!! How many children does he have and yet is unmarried? How many female artists has he pushed up on? How can he judge anyone when he has so many flaws? And i wanna know what the HELL is Danity Kane's "image" supposed to be?!??!?!?!

Someone please answer me that. B/c in the finale, Miss Aundrea boobs were about to fall out of her dress, one could almost see her areola. and Dawn always has on shorts or a short skirt. Not saying that clothes are equal to a person's worth but i'm saying don't call out 1 when they all dress like that and almost every young woman in Hollywood dresses like that. ESPECIALLY in the music biz. SEX sells! What about Cassie's song "Me and You"? Everybody knows that was about giving head. Child please! Back to Diddy, who just thinks he is the sexiest thing on God's green earth. How long you been using Pro-active? Females only on you b/c of the name. Or they want some free sh1t or wanna have a baby so you can pay them. and Kim Coles is an idiot for messing with him for this long.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Am i asking too much?

how can one feel so much love at times, at other times that love is not as deep and profound because ur heart, ur loved one is irritating u :-) lol i jus hav never meet a man who didnt want 2 dress in clothes that made him look even more attractive to his girlfriend. or at least pretend he wanted 2 look nice. i mean i shud b gratefull that he consented to buying almost $200 worth of clothing just to be presentable when he comes to church with me (which he also consented to) but at the same time i want him to WANT to b dressed nicely not jus 4 church, maybe for a nice evening out 1 day lyk dinner&the theatre or something...idk maybe im asking for too much too soon. its barely been 2 months but i feel lyk its been 6. idk i love him but sometimes i want him to do what i want him to do :-) but i guess thats how every1 in relationships feels once in a while

Friday, January 18, 2008

Celebrity Stroll

this was from my bday in 2007. i was totally unaware i was being filmed. it's funny so i thought i would share