Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fresh Music

For all the negative things people say about this girl, i can't help but love her. Miss Aubrey O'Day is a bold opinionated young woman who has many talents including singing, acting, and fashion design.

This is a new single from her featuring Shanell (who is D. Woods sister) that is a re-make of Eddie Murphy's ill-fated singing attempt "Party all the Time". However O'Day brings the song back to life and gives it a much better club sound than before. Can't wait to hear more from her.

Aubrey O'Day f/ Shanell - Party All the Time

Campus Control

So i started school this week and it started with the typical CC bullish. Teachers not showing up for class, naked thirsty chiks, random dudes tryna get with the thirsty chiks, and trying to decide what classes will get you outta there. :-D SO much fun!

My classes are:
History of Dance
Rhythm Analysis
Intro. to Internet studies

I'm a Dance major if you hadn't guessed. :-*
One thing that was interesting was discovering i had a few classes with an old high school buddy (Leanna the infamous Redhead) YAY!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BART strike averted!

So glad the BART employees didn't have to carry thru with their strike. I know a few folks that would have been mad as heck if they couldn't get to work or school or even to a boo's house lol. But for real those people deserve respect and i hope they get what they want out of their protest.

Source: BART

Jennifer Hudson has her Baby!

The beautiful "DreamGirl", Jennifer Hudson conceived her 1st child, David Daniel Otunga Jr. with her fiance, David Otunga Sr. on Monday August 10th. Congrats to them and i envision Jen singing to the baby. "It is more than is more than you... we are a family" :-D

Source: Black News


Sorry it's been so long since i've posted on here. I wasn't really sure what i was supposed to do on here but now i have a bit more sense of purpose with this blog so if you're reading this THANKS for sticking in here and hopefully i can grow this site. :-* :-* Thanks guys