Monday, September 29, 2008

Am i asking too much?

how can one feel so much love at times, at other times that love is not as deep and profound because ur heart, ur loved one is irritating u :-) lol i jus hav never meet a man who didnt want 2 dress in clothes that made him look even more attractive to his girlfriend. or at least pretend he wanted 2 look nice. i mean i shud b gratefull that he consented to buying almost $200 worth of clothing just to be presentable when he comes to church with me (which he also consented to) but at the same time i want him to WANT to b dressed nicely not jus 4 church, maybe for a nice evening out 1 day lyk dinner&the theatre or something...idk maybe im asking for too much too soon. its barely been 2 months but i feel lyk its been 6. idk i love him but sometimes i want him to do what i want him to do :-) but i guess thats how every1 in relationships feels once in a while

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