Friday, December 5, 2008


people always say that you never realize how precious life is until it's almost gone or is gone.

this thought came to me in light of recent events in my life. grandparents are people who are old but you never really realize HOW old until their health starts to fail. you turn around and all of a sudden you have responsibility for their well-being. 

i always hear about other families having ill elderly family members, and i feel sad but i have never felt as torn up inside as i did last night and as i do right now. it always has to hit home and i think it's b/c i used 2 live with her and see her everyday that i was in a blur about her true state of health. but reality slapped me across the face when i listened to my mother tell me about my 83-year-old grandmother hitting her head and being taken to the hospital. 

tears dont do justice to my emotions racing inside
i wanna curl up in a ball, lay in a corner and hide
facing the reality of she is not an option for me
i ask the one above 4 answers as i fall on both knees
speaking in a voice i dont recognize as my own
begging to keep her from his heavenly throne
i'm not ready i say but the result is not mine to make
so much wisdom from her i still need 2 take
so i pray and cry until i can speak no more
thinking over my life, as my knees grow sore

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