Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bend and Snap

I was recently listening to the Soundtrack of Legally Blonde: The Musical and the song "Bend and Snap" came on and it got me thinking.....Does it really work?

I know it sounds silly but the concept had to come from somewhere. There are magazines articles decorated with advice on how our body language can send messages to the man we are interested in. From leaning in to him when he's talking to sitting up straight so show off our feminine lines.

The world of flirting and dating is all a dance anyway, so why couldn't it be possible for this to be real and somehow practiced in real life?

In fact, i think i'm going to try an experiment. I'll ask some of my single girlfriends to try this move in a few different places and see what the results are. Or if any of you wanna try it, let me know your results by emailing me here

Can't wait to share the results with you guys! :-D

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  1. hahahah cant wait for the results to cxome in, love this!

    One Love,