Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blessed are the dead

"Blessed are the dead for they escape the evils of this world." -Drea MoS

i'm sure a lot of people have seen and heard about the un-provoked shooting of Oscar Grant on the Fruitvale Bart and also the calm protest that turned into a downtown riot.

It's getting really ridiculous these days. Clearly all police personnel need to have "Common Sense" training because it is clear from videos provided that this young man was not threatening or resisting the police. Firing a gun should be a last effort from police NOT the FIRST! Such actions were obviously not needed and i want to call into question why this man was sought out by the Bart police in the 1st place? i am very sad to hear of another Black man dying senselessly but i am further disappointed with our so-called "armed protection". Oh they're armed but WHO are they protecting? They shoot unarmed men but do nothing about drug dealers.

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And NOW i would like to speak on the peaceful March turned Buffoonery Riot. Now i read in the SF Chronicle thatEvan Shamar and other organizers just wanted to bring people together to express their pain and anger in a civilized way by speaking out, saying prayers and urging the police to quickly move into the investigation of the original shooting. However when the protestors moved downtown that's when the idiots took over and started doing foolish things that had NOTHING to do with the deceased. Shamar felt that his cause was used as a vehicle for fools to show their asses. He didn't say that but that's my words for it.

People started becoming stereotypical representations of African-Americand and of young people in general. And i wish i could ask a few of them what breaking the windows of a hair salon had to do with the protest? Because i would truly love to hear their reply.

I am ashamed as a young person, as an African-American, and as a native of Oakland for all this nonesense. it really makes no sense at all.

also i'm not aware if this is true or if many have seen this particular interview but my father told me a young lady (who looked fresh out of high school) proclaimed that she was tired of living in fear of the police, now the police should live in fear of (i presume) her and the other violent (fake) protestors (or what i like to call IDIOTS). ok 1st what does that have to do with the shooting of the young man? How does your turning over a cop car help defend this man's honor or bring justice to his family? And Secondly my dear the police are NOT i repeat ARE NOT afraid of some ignorant young people going wild in the streets. They are afraid of intelligent Black men and women who can navigate the court system and know how to file and present evidence of wrong doing. That's who they are afraid of.

ugh...ignorance gives me a rash and a headache.

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