Wednesday, January 28, 2009

L.A. Man ends lives of His 5 children, wife, and Self

i was going to check my email when this story popped up. As i started to read my heart just sank deeper into my chest. These parents were so deep in despair, so baffled by life's curveball that they resorted to violence not only upon the themselves but to the innocent children.

Now i don't know what kind of relationships they had within their community or within their extended family but murder and suicide is not the answer. 
Personally i believe God can get you through anything. My mother would say it's another sign that the Earth is getting closer and closer to the 2nd coming of Christ. Man is becoming more greedy, more devious, and more hopeless. 

Who knows who those children could have become? And the excuse they left for taking the children's lives was "Why leave our children in someone else's hands?"
Seriously? I think that if they had a strong faith-based background this tragedy might not have occured. Also i wonder did they have any friends who they could turn to? Family members? Former co-workers? Was death the only logical solution?

If there are relatives of that family grieving them then i offer my sincerest prayers. 

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