Monday, January 19, 2009


so i finally discovered how to put music on here by way of You can go there and make a playlist then add it to your blog. Maybe i'm just slow but i wasnt aware of that. i usually just use imeem to copy and paste. lol Anyway Enjoy my playlist!

1. Beyonce-Back Up-Love this song because that's how i feel when i'm out doing my thang. like people watch out! haha

2. Amy Winehouse-Me and Mr. Jones-i love Amy. her voice is amazing i just wished she would get her life together. Drugs are BAD! JUST SAY NO CHILDREN!!! and also bcuz she made up the word "f#c&erry" Personally i've never heard the word but it sounded hilarious to me.

3. Annie-Heartbeat-1st song i heard by her and i just fell in love with it.

4. Secondhand Serenade-Fall for you-The 1st line of this song is so simple yet very true in relationships.

5.Mateo-Human-Mateo is a cutie and he keeps it real saying we're all human, feeling and not perfect.

6. Steph Jones-Mr.Ordinary-My friend, Lamar actually put me on to Steph Jones. I cant wait till he blows up! The man is talented.

7.Mariah Carey-Can't Let Go-No need for explaination. it's Mariah.

8. Kanye West-Stronger-This joint gives me inspiration and it makes me bounce too.

9. Van Hunt-Your Love-I like to imagine hat my babe would sing this song to me if he could sing. LOL. Van Hunt is awesome, check him out on Itunes or Myspace.

10.Adele-Melt My heart to Stone-it just gives me that oomph in my spirit.

11. Goapele-Romantic-1st she represents the Bay! 2nd she is cussing at a man being too romantic?!? too funny! LOL

12. Gavin DeGraw-I'm in love with A Girl-This song parallels to my current relationship. he knows me better.

13. Prince-Lil Red Corvette-I HAD to have some Prince on my playlist. No list is ever complete without him. He has a song for EVERY situation. Trust me!

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